Revolutionize Your Client's Web Presence with Our WaaS Solution

Experience the power of a modern website without the hefty upfront cost. Our Website-as-a-Service (WaaS) solution provides ongoing support, hosting, security, updates, and design maintenance.

Our Comprehensive WaaS Solution

We offer a comprehensive solution that covers all your website needs.

Modern Design

Stay ahead with a website that’s always in style.

Ongoing Support

We’re here for you and your clients, providing continuous support and updates.

Secure Hosting

Experience peace of mind with our secure hosting services.

The Benefits of WaaS

Discover the benefits of our Website-as-a-Service solution! Our innovative design, comprehensive services, and expert team can enhance your online presence and save you time and resources. Focus on your core business while we manage your clients’ website. Revolutionize your MRR strategy with us!

Reduced Initial Cost

Significantly lower your clients initial investment with our monthly fee structure.

Keep Clients Engaged

The more services you offer the more value they see in your business.

Increased MRR

Boost your Monthly Recurring Revenue without any additional effort.

Ready to Transform Your Agency?

Join us today and experience the future of website design and maintenance.

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Why Choose Our WaaS Solution?

Our service stands out for its comprehensive coverage, modern design, and continuous support

Our monthly fee structure makes owning a modern website more accessible.

With regular updates, your website always stays in style.

We provide secure hosting for your peace of mind.

Our team is always ready to assist you with any issues.

Increase your MRR without any additional effort.

Affordable Pricing With Room For Increased MRR

Partnership Tier

No setup or monthly fees

You refer us as your website partner, and we work directly with the client and bill from our platform.

Whitelabel Tier

$15,000 setup, $1,500 per month

Temporary Discount

$5,000 setup, $500 per month

We setup a whitelabel solution for you, where we work with you and your clients under your brand and monitoring.

Setup Tier

$75,000 setup, $2,500 per month

We build a WaaS solution for you to use internally.

100% Guarantee

12/5 Support
99.9% Uptime
Month to Month

Outreach templates to use for existing clients to offer WaaS to them

Ready to double your MRR?

This offer has the potential to change your business and your clients loyalty and long term relationship!

Get The Story Straight From The Source.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our partners about how our WaaS solution has benefited them.

Their WaaS solution has revolutionized our web presence. The ongoing support and updates are top-notch. Our clients rave about 'our' website service."

Portrait of man relaxing in a garden
Authur Luxemburg CEO - Tech Solutions Inc.

Website management is now easier and cheaper, with lower initial costs and ongoing updates. You can have a functional website from the start without spending too much, and website management services will keep it optimized for the latest technologies and user preferences. This lets you focus on other areas of your business while your website stays in top shape!

Jane Gardner Marketing Director - Creative Minds Ltd.

Their secure hosting services give us peace of mind. Highly recommended!

Portrait of black man in living room typing on laptop
Robert Brown IT Manager - Innovative IT Services

We've seen a significant increase in our MRR since we started using their WaaS solution.

Beautiful portrait. Woman in white formal clothes is standing indoors
Emily Johnson CEO - Marketing Gurus Inc.

Their evergreen design approach ensures our clients' websites always stays relevant and modern.

Portrait of a successful businessman
Michael Williams IT Director - Tech Pioneers

We Bring Out the Best

We’re proud to have our work recognized by prestigious institutions in the fields of website design, development, hosting, and security. Here are some of our awards.

Best WaaS Provider

Awarded by the International Association of Web Services

Innovation in Web Design

 Recognized by the Global Web Design Awards

Customer Support

Awarded by the Customer Service Institute

Top Secure Hosting Provider

Recognized by the International Cyber Security Association

We've got the answers you need

Here are some common questions we get about our service from IT and Marketing Agencies.

The monthly fee covers the initial design ongoing support, hosting, security, updates, and maintenance of the website's design.

There is no fee to become a partner with us.

We continuously monitor design trends and update your client's website accordingly to ensure it stays modern and relevant.

We take security seriously and have robust measures in place to protect our websites, including secure hosting,  regular security updates, dual Web Application Firewalls (WAF), SSL, regular scans and backups.

By offering our WaaS solution to your clients, you can earn a percentage of the initial setup and monthly fee for as long as they stay with us.

No, our team will handle all the support, updates, and maintenance. You can enjoy the increased MRR without any additional effort.

Some clients do like to upcharge our fees, and offer more ongoing updates. This is especially useful if there is a service that you offer, like SEO, Landing Page Creation with PPC campaigns, or you populate their information with data, either manually or through an API. But some of that can even be delegated to us, depending on the plan and the agreement.

Yes, we can work with you to customize the website design to meet your clients' specific needs, and we can also walk you through how to use our specific platform. (We primarily use Elementor Pro with a custom version of WordPress so it is very easy for non-developers to get in and make changes, and also very easy to teach).

Your clients can choose to stop using the service at any time. However, we strive to provide such excellent service that they won't want to leave!

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